Our services

Specialists in offering comprehensive thermoforming solutions. From the beginning of the project, with the design, going on with the development of prototypes, until the fabrication of the needed utilities for the series production of the needed piece. Guarantees the control of all the processes thanks to the latest technology and the automated controls installed.

Personalized service for each project, adapting to the needs of each client.

Analysis and Tests

Plasal has at its disposal a laboratory with which to carry out the following analyzes and tests.
  • Physical-chemical characterization of materials: mechanical properties, thermal and optical properties, identification of materials and other components.
  • Accelerated aging: Solar box, climatic chamber, salt spray chamber, power supplies.
  • Biodegradability and compostability: Disintegrability, compost quality.
  • Metrology and reverse engineering: 3D measurement, 3D scanning, reverse engineering with high resolution 3D scanner.

CAD / CAM designs

Plasal has integrated into your technical office the design of all of his products.
We have at our disposal the most advanced software, with various licenses of CAD/CAM systems from Catia.
In addition to the designs requested by the clients and the following fabrication, our team, thanks to the experience acquired, develops utilities of control and their own templates, deigns and designs and builds assembly modules as well as any tool for automating our processes.
Design is a fundamental pillar in our organization.

3/5 axis machining

As with the design, the machining of all the molds and tools are carried out internally in PLASAL. We have 2 high-speed 3 and 5 axis CNC’s in our workshop to achieve high precision finishes. Our machining capacity (up to 1000x800mm) allows us to manufacture highly complex parts. In addition, we have all kinds of strawberries, lathes and auxiliary machinery.

Thermoforming plate

Our thermoforming machines with automatic plate loading offer high productivity and are designed for the thermoforming of large parts that do not require sheet bow control. The entire loading-forming-unloading process is carried out online. Its easy use and safety, and maximum forming dimensions of 1500x1000mm make it possible to obtain high quality pieces and the possibility of forming pieces with both positive and negative molds.
Materials such as ABS, HIPS, PMMA, HDPE are manufactured in it with thicknesses that reach 10mm.

Thermoforming coil

Illig continuous thermoforming lines. Guarantee of quality and high performance.
Automatic machines with pressure and vacuum with IC process control and maximum forming area of 756x535mm.
Working capacity at maximum performance and optimization at 55 cycles per minute.
Flexible production of small batches with frequent changes of material type, format and tools is common. Modular production line technology makes it possible to easily add additional machines for different processing technologies.
Most used materials: HIPS, ABS, PET, HDPE with thicknesses ranging from 0.15mm to 2.5mm.


Insert molding decoration & Print mold design.
The demand for perfectly assembled and solid plastic components with highly complex and irregular geometries is common in the automotive sector. To produce these pieces from high quality materials, textures and novel designs, several phases are necessary: hot stamping, thermoforming with vacuum and pressure, punching (if necessary) and high precision cutting.
The results are plastic components that are creatively designed and precisely drilled into their final shape, which can be easily integrated into final products.

Industrial pieces

We offer personalized solution to anyone with an industrial need, not only packaging. From its design and optimization to the final series production of the pieces. Die cutting, assembly, manipulation of parts... Consult us and we will offer solutions to the requested requirements.

Laser cut

Thanks to the laser, we do not limit the cut to flat surfaces. From high precision straight lines to any type of complex geometry can be cut. Cuts to size, which allows great flexibility in defining designs. Robotic and automated process to achieve repeatability and high quality. PET, PVC, PE are some of the materials treated.


El escáner serie SILVER es parte de la línea HandySCAN 3DTM, el estándar del sector en escáneres 3D portátiles de grado de metrología. Esta tecnología patentada probada y confiable captura mediciones 3D exactas y repetibles de cualquier superficie compleja en cualquier ubicación.

El HandySCAN 3D | SILVER está optimizado para satisfacer las necesidades de los innovadores de tecnología y los profesionales de la ingeniería que buscan una forma poderosa, accesible y confiable de mejorar el desarrollo de productos, acortar el tiempo de comercialización y reducir los costos de desarrollo.

Entre sus características, destacan:

  • Exactitud: Con referencia dinámica, tanto el escáner como la pieza pueden moverse libremente durante el escaneado, y aún se puede obtener un escaneado exacto y de alta calidad. Exactitud hasta de 0,030mm; Exactitud volumétrica de 0,020 +/- 0,060mm/m; Alto nivel de detalle. Resolución de medición de 0,1mm; Resolución de malla de 0,2mm; Velocidad de medición de 480.000 mediciones por segundo.
  • Portabilidad: Utilizando la triangulación en reflectores ópticos para determinar su posición relativa a la pieza, este escáner 3D portátil es un dispositivo independiente que no requiere un trípode ni ningún dispositivo de seguimiento externo para funcionar. Lo suficientemente compacto como para caber en un maletín pequeño, se puede llevar a cualquier lugar y utilizar en cualquier condición ambiental sin que su rendimiento se vea afectado.