Specific project development and personalized to different industrial sectors.


The protection of delicate parts and their automation in the assembly line are the main aspects in this sector. Maximum precision blisters are required with requests for stacking, functional design and durability.
We analyze each project from the design, optimization of space, manufacture of tools, prototypes and validation samples, series production and its behavior in the final assembly line.
Lenses, sensors, PCBs, antennas, electrical components and valves are transported in a customized packaging.


It is a technology that allows through a flexible and economical production method, the decoration and production of plastic parts of complex geometry. High quality decorative finishes are achieved with 3D effects, textures and haptic surfaces. Final parts for car interior. From passive to lively, from traditional to creative design pieces.

ESD materials

They are materials widely used in automotive, for electronic parts.
Static dissipative solution protects
the product of electrostatic discharge.


ESD packaging features

  • Permanent ESD protection with infinite lifespan
    for the container and its contents
  • Available in the base dimensions of the
    European and AIAG standards
  • Can be combined with foam or sets of
    ESD standoffs to further decrease damage
    caused by mishandling.
  • Lid options offer more protection
    against moisture and dust.
  • Perfect for clean places and other environments


Thermoformed trays made to measure for the transport of parts. Packaging with a high technical component and optimized design to achieve the highest number of pieces per container.
Each reference is an independent development, tailored to the client's requirements.
Masks for metallization, protections for assembly lines, appearance parts and housings are other solutions.
We can manufacture in all types of material (HDPE, HIPS, ABS, PET, PP, PVC) and thickness (from 0.15mm to 12mm)


Image and design in the perfume and cosmetics sector is fundamental. Together with our clients, we develop proposals that help the positioning and visibility of their brands.
Thermos, packs, displays and trays are functional and respect the personalized guidelines of each project, to obtain a customized and differentiating product.
Resistant packaging for delicate products such as colognes, creams, vials and deodorants with a precise grip and placement.


We manufacture all kinds of accessories and utensils for the home.
Lids, containers, separating trays, cutlery and decoration pieces for the kitchen.
Bathroom accessories, distributors and supports.
Different finishes and materials.
The circular economy is a production and consumption model that involves sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products as many times as possible to create added value. In this way, the life cycle of products spreads.
products is extended.
PLASAL is aware of the environment.
Concerned about the present to improve the future.
Use of recycled, biodegradable and biocompostable materials.
Selection and separation of the materials used for their subsequent recycling (obtaining the sheet of material again)